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Study on Application of silane coupling agent in composite
What's the difference between high pressure polyethylene and
Structure and properties of PP polypropylene
PVC recipe design knowledge
PetroChina metallocene polypropylene catalyst fills the gap
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Yangzhou Jinyu Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., the production base is located in the central region, convenient transportation environment elegant, has a staff of hundreds of people and all kinds of scientific and technical personnel. The production of products: silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent, four isopropyl titanate, polyurethane and other products, nearly 100 varieties, the annual output of more than 10000 tons. The company has a good investment environment and a solid foundation for cooperation. The spirit of "excellence, Benedict Shou credibility" purposes, carry forward the "unity, pragmatic, enterprising, dedication" spirit of enterprise, striving for "first-class reputation, first-class management, first-class service, first-class team of chemical enterprises, each time employees will be Kim as encouragement, closely linked to the pulse of the times, the courage to climb, to make contributions to as China's chemical industry!

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